Los Angeles California Open Mic Tour

My comedy buddy and I decided to take a open mic tour to California to check out the comedy scene. I contacted an old friend of mine who currently lives and performs in the comedy scene in California and he was able to help me out and point me to the right direction to open mics. He shared a website called www.thecomedybureau.com which started my map to try out some open mics. All I have to say is…what an experience! Like every traditional Texas Mexican, I had not been to LA since I was seven years old! I had only memories and picture so that trip didn’t really count….(LOL). My only regret is that I should have scheduled more days of stay and actually enjoy the scene. We were straight business hitting up open mics on the first day of arrival. Below are my shared experiences.

The Comedy Store Patio
Los Angeles, CA

Comedy Store was awesome, the open mic was held outside in the patio during rush hour traffic and Hollywood tours passing by on Sunset Blvd. It was a great way to network and find out about other open mics in LA. I was able to sneak in the comedy store main room without notice and take a pic  where countless legends have graced their presence on stage. As I looked around the room, I could hear punchlines and laughter in my head, waitresses asking for orders and energy…….a room full of energy. I could only imagine to be as funny and to share this stage with legends. I know one day I can, but first… the patio.

Flappers Burbank
Burbank, CA
First come, first served 3 min. Counts as audition-first 25 comics get seen

I really enjoyed Flappers open mic, the staff were friendly, the hosts were friendly and overall seemed like a very welcoming atmosphere. The whole place was separated by 4 rooms, the bar, the main room, the Yoo Hoo Room and a kitchen. There was a parking garage right next to it so you can park with no worries. Flappers felt like a open mic on steroids. Competition was tough, and the regulars were really funny. I really liked how they geared up comics to sign up for future events like work shops and hosting/gigging opportunities. They want comics to come back and work to be better. It was my kinda place. I auditioned and was asked to return at a later date but could not as my time was limited. Oh well, maybe next time.

Tribal Cafe

Los Angeles, CA (Echo Park)

I enjoyed this open mic, although I don’t have any pictures for this open mic, the place was a small coffee house/eatery that provided a nice little atmosphere for working comics. Unknowingly, my comedy buddy and I stumbled upon another comic that frequently tours through LA and Texas. We found that out later after his set and after he left. It just reminded me that IM IN LA….. Look around dummy! ..lol. We had burritos there too, they were good.

Flappers Burbank (The Set List)

Burbank, CA

The Setlist was probably one my favorite open mics out of all of the mics I visited. I liked the Setlist because it wasn’t wasn’t your traditional open mic where you would sign up and do your set. It was where the host picked out words and phrases to use and you actually have to do a set around that phrase. Wow talk about challenging. I really didn’t know what to expect and figured I’d just bombed either way. I gave it a shot and went up. My first word was some word I can’t remember at this moment and at the time have never heard or used in my life. How challenging is this, my first time doing a setlist, in LA, and to top it off a word I have never even heard of or seen in a dictionary. So i played it off like I knew what it was and starting using it in different ways trying to get approval from the crowd. It seemed to work as I even felt that the crowd didn’t even know what the word was or meant. So they went with it. It was hard but fun at the same time. I thought this would be a great strategy on working on your set as it takes you out of your element and forces you to try to come out and be funny about anything. I really enjoyed this aspect. My second word was Swastikagram, so by this time I was thinking the host was messing with me. lol. Nope. I remember few details of what I said I just remember it was fun and funny.

Flappers Burbank Yoo Hoo Room

Burbank, CA

One of the last mics I did in Burbank was the Yoo Hoo Room. The room was considered lottery picked, which means that you basically write down your name on a paper and throw it in a hat hoping your name is called. There is also a limit to how many comics they let on stage, also meaning that if your name is not called well then better luck next time.  By this time was feeling pretty bad from my allergies, it was late and I could remember almost falling asleep  (I was not used to the time change either) waiting for my name to be called. I was not really feeling funny but I forced myself to perform. As I was waiting and dosing off, my comedy buddy was called first, I felt great as at least one of us was going on stage. Would have hated if none of us got called. That was a good sign. As more comics were called after my comedy buddy, the less I felt I was going on stage that night. Then all of a sudden, my name was called. Relieved I snapped out of my dazed sucked it up and went on stage with energy. I was so out of it from allergies to fatigue I didn’t realized during my set I was here in the “Yahoo Room” instead of the “Yoohoo Room” people laughed and I didn’t realized until I looked up behind me and read the sign YOOHOO. What a bonehead rookie mistake. lol. I finished my set and quickly left the scene as if I just committed a crime. It was fun and a great opportunity to network and strengthen my set.

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