Funniest In South Texas (FIST)- San Antonio Tx

I had a great time performing in San Antonio for the Funniest In South Texas competition (FIST). I’m not really in to competitions, but I really enjoyed the stage time and watching other comics’ sets. It was great to see the other comics that put in alot of work everyday shine and get great reactions and recognition from this FIST crowd. Hearing and seeing comic’s sets was really boosts up my confidence and help me learn more about techniques, styles and overall performance. I’m not going to lie, I don’t believe I performed at my best. I was nervous. I was nervous because I personally had 15+ guests that I invited show up just to see me. These were old and new friends and some I consider family who had not seen me perform before. I really wanted to do good. I really wanted my guests to enjoy my set and have some laughs, everything else was secondary.  I was so nervous I almost forgot some of my jokes. I told a joke I didn’t really want to say but ended up saying because I could not let my mind blank. As my set went on, I became more comfortable as I heard more and more laughter. I ended up going over my time and cut off right in the middle of my closing joke. Oh well, I still had fun. Afterwards, everyone came up to me to say hellos/goodbyes and said they enjoyed my comedy. I couldn’t feel more relieved. But, being my worst critic, I was not not satified. I want to bring more funny, I want to have my friends comeback and talk about it to their friends. I know that doesn’t happen to most of the time, but I’m willing to work for it. I’m ready. All I can do is work harder. I am still human, I make mistakes I still get nervous but these aren’t excuses. I am my my own competition. Overall, I had a great experience and want to thank all my friends/family for all the support they gave to me. I only promise to make you laugh harder and continue to improve.

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  1. I see your moving on up Josh! Funny stuff man. Holla at yo boy so i can go and support you one night. Keep on Joshin’ man!

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