Funniest in South Texas Competition 2016 (San Antonio TX)

Well its that time of the year again, comedy competitions are underway for 2016. First one down for me was the the Funniest in South Texas competition held in San Antonio TX. This competition is done every year held at the new Improv aka as the Rivercenter Comedy Club downtown San Antonio and LOL Club north of downtown. My competition was held at the Rivercenter Club on Feb 8th. It was a weird day for this show as I thought it was going to be cancelled due to a fire above the building in which the competition was held. I thought this was a clever way to sabotage the event, or someone really upset about this competition. LOL turns out it was just a A/C fire, no biggie right? “the show must go on!” (as pictured below).  This was my second year entering the competition and I was pretty sure I was not going to advance in the prelimary rounds.  I surprised myself by advancing in the 1st round. Competition was tough. This was evident by the comics that I shared the stage with that night. It was difficult because I had my Austin buddies and my San Antonio buddies in the same round as me. The first round to advance to the playoffs was my friend Derick Fields (ATX) and Rafael Molina (SA). I was so proud of both of them for advancing, it was a great experience to the growth of your fellow comedians.

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Playoff Rounds were held on Feb. 29th and I was a little nervous because this round had alot of heavy hitters of Texas Comedy. So I decided to go against my gut and do something totally different in my set. Well it turned out to be not my best moves, but hey you gotta try right? I did not end up advancing and all the comedians did great. Especially my San Antonio buddies Larry Garza and Rafael Molina. Rafael aka RAF (real as F**k) I couldn’t be more proud. Raf (also from El Paso) and I have been doing shows together for a minute, it was great to see him advance and grow before my eyes. Its great to see talent from your hometown succeed, in fact most of my El Paso Comedy brothers have made a dent in comedy throughout the years winning competitions, and opening up for some big names. My city is a ticking time bomb of talent. I just hope the world is ready. So all in all it was a great night and great time with friends, I will be rooting on the winners and writing for my next competition Ciao putos!


Pictures courtesy of Improv Comedy Club San Antonio Tx.

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