Comedy In El Paso

It was Christmas of 2008/2009, I was back in my hometown of El Paso TX. I stopped at a local bar in which I saw a sign that said “Comedy Open Mic” Tuesdays at Coconuts. I was so thrilled that there was comedy in my hometown, let alone my neighborhood. I quickly began to search for comedy in my hometown. I met my friends for life at my first show with Hazardous Humor with Adam Domiguez, Joe Rodriguez(not pictured) and Iggy Samaniego. These cats were funny! I was an instant fan of their comedy. I knew that these guys were as serious as me about comedy and had similar interests. I kept in touch and began to do show with various upcoming comics.


I met my good homie Jerry Karnes aka EL Malkreado who grew up in the same area as I did and attended the same High School as I did,  Jerry was and is still in charge of Coconuts bar where I had seen the open mic poster on the wall. Over the years the scene has grown into its own style and flavor of comedy.


Eventually, I was able to open up for Chingo Bling at the El Paso Comic Strip and was able to meet Bart Reed who is the owner and producer of the El Paso Comic Strip. I have had nothing but open arms with stages in El Paso.

Refried Comedy based out of LA, has really good shows and has helped El Paso comedians with more exposure and stages. I have nothing but respect and admire the hustle these guys do. Sam Butler has pioneered a movement and I have had the pleasure to share the stage with him and like minded comedians. I hope to do future shows with Refried and also introduce them to my stages as well.


Alot of people have asked me about the El Paso Comedy Scene and all I can say is that it is great! Whether its Coconuts, El Paso Comic Strip, Laughter Hours, or Refried Comedy the scene is there and strong. Im proud to say I am from there and hope to continue to do shows out there in the future. Other touring comics have complimented  the El Paso Comedy scene and have positive views for everyone they have encountered. There is something special brewing there and I know there is unseen talent. EL PASO has talent, not to be overlooked. I only know that it will grow and get better.


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