Laugh Out Loud- El Paso Comic Strip

Performing for the first time in El Paso’s Comic Strip was like a dream come true. El Paso is my hometown and I felt I couldn’t let people down. I frequented El Paso’s Comic Strip growing up and to be on stage in front of was like an outer body experience. This was also my first time hosting in front of a such a large audience. I had hosted shows before but this was a new crowd, a new challenge and potential new fans. It was also a challenge to prove to myself that I can overcome fears and visualize delivering laughs. Most of my life, I had always thought that I wasn’t good enough, or had doubts on my abilities. This night proved different. I had prepared for weeks for this show. I became an obsessive recluse, perfecting my set. I was so nervous, I really felt I had to do well. The pressure was on and there was no turning back. I told the first joke and got some laughs after the first laugh I felt better continuing for 10 minutes on stage, it was like a drug of heroin laughter and I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t believe that I was doing well. This only fueled my fire to become better and improve my set. Laugh Out Loud and Chingo Bling took a chance on me. I was unknown and had no credits to my name. This was the push I needed. The opportunity in which leads to success. Its moments like these that motivate me to continue to become better, to improve, stay relentless and hungry. I will never forget this night. The night I made my hometown laugh.

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